How the more unusual family lives and what the kid looks like is revealed by the arrival of their son six years ago.

From Boise, USA, are Miguel and Tina. The pair first met when they were students, and since they lived close by, they frequently visited and went home together.

This once-basic friendship has developed into something more over time.

Tina, who is just 86 centimeters tall, and Miguel, who is 180 centimeters tall, made for an odd-looking couple.

They made the decision to get married in 2009, and a few months later, they did. When Tina was born in 1990, she had to spend a few months in the hospital.

She attended a traditional school instead of homeschooling, after which she attended college and met her soul match.

Everything was wonderful when the young couple moved into a large house with a special yard after their wedding; the only thing their happy home was missing was the sound of children laughing.

The son of Tina and Miguel was also born nearly six years ago.

Thankfully, he did not acquire his mother’s trait, as evidenced by the fact that at age three, his development exceeded that of his mother.

The couple hopes to have another child in the future.

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