How the African child, whose picture went viral online and who was adopted by a woman, looks today

A youngster who was unable to walk was spotted by himself on a town’s dusty road on January 30, 2016. The kid was out on the streets since he was referred to as a magician by the locals.

He traveled the entire city, but no one was there to take care of him.

The youngster had been left by his family and called a witch when an aid worker came across him that day.

She received appreciation for the excellent job she performed in rescuing an innocent youngster after the picture of her feeding the boy on the street went viral.

She brought the boy to the facility where he was given the love, care, and attention he required to thrive in his environment.

Woman gave it the name ‘Hope,’ or Hope in English. She honored Hope by sending lovely pictures of him smiling in adulthood to the group of people who helped nurture him.

Hope is a bright child who is supposed to live, she continued. He overcame all odds. Kindness will help our world bloom. What a miracle. Thank you, woman.

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