How Brad Pitt was able to make money selling champagne at the Oscars: he earned a lot

At the Oscars, Pitt’s champagne was respected on the grounds that it was made with the champagne from his triumph in the Fleur de Miraval contest.

Because it was chosen to ignore some of the past drama surrounding him, some people dislike this champagne.

Champagne, according to some, implies ignoring the star’s experiences, which is why some people dislike it.

This year, the actor who has been nominated for seven Oscars will not receive any recognition.

He can still enjoy his ‘La Fleur de Miraval’ wine, which comes from the same company that shared a nice picture on their Instagram account of a bottle of wine being prepared for the Oscars.

2016 marked the couple’s separation. The gorgeous actress sold the Château de Marival without his permission.

The couple competed over who owned this magnificent home for years after it went straight to court.

It was March 2022, and the public opinion was embarrassed by the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Yuri Shefler, on the other hand, has left his home country and claims to support the Ukrainian people. What do you think?

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