Homeless man returns an engagement ring to its owner and her response changes his life

When 60-year-old Bill Anderson first met Anita, he witnessed a miracle.

Darling discovered she had lost her engagement ring after giving her some change.

In Missouri, Anita has a dance studio.

She made the decision to offer the man some change one day. She searched through her purse and filled the man’s bucket with change.

Anita then left for work and carried on with her schedule. But when she got home later, she noticed that her engagement ring wasn’t there.

Anita hardly ever removes her wedding ring. Later that day, when she got home, she looked for the jewelry, but unfortunately, she couldn’t find it.

She recalled that earlier in the day, she had lastly checked her handbag to see if she had any spare cash to give to the homeless person.

When Anita’s husband Frank persuaded her to start looking for the man once more, she was upset and had given up hope.

So she went back to the same location two days after she had misplaced the ring, and this time the man was still there.

Anita exclaimed in joy. She ran over to him and gave him a warm hug.

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