His fans were amazed by Elijah Wood: The actor unintentionally confessed something about his personal life

The other day, Elijah Wood wowed his fans. The actor stated in an interview with WSJ.Magazine that his three-year-old son Evan and daughter, whose name he did not disclose, were already waiting for him at home.

Prior to that, he not only did not disclose the birth of his second child, but he also did not disclose that his beloved was pregnant once more. He also made the decision to announce to the entire world that he had become a father for the second time more than a year after the birth of his daughter.

As Wood stated, he performs his fatherly duties with great pleasure and is completely content with them.

By the way, when his son Evan was born, they also found out about this, but not until Mette-Marie, who had been pregnant before, was photographed without a belly.

She was the project’s producer, and he was in one of the main roles.

At the same time, there was a rumor that he was engaged to Marie because she had a ring on her hand that looked exactly like an engagement ring.

However, he has not yet confirmed that he is engaged.

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