High schooler fulfills a childhood vow by taking a Down syndrome teen to prom

In elementary school, Marie and Benjamin grew close. Years later, Benjamin made the choice to keep his word.

The mere fact that someone has a condition does not exclude them from having the same high school experience as their peers.

Unfortunately, people can experience a sense of exclusion from particular activities as a result of their peculiarities.

The same as everyone else, those who have Down syndrome are lovely, clever people who like social connection.

This touching story is about a promise that was honoured seven years after it was made in elementary school.

In elementary school, quarterback QB Benjamin had a close pal. She goes by the name Marie and has Down syndrome.

That didn’t prevent them from getting along, though. The two actually cherished their time together.

It wasn’t until Benjamin’s son asked her if kids with Down syndrome could attend the prom that Benjamin’s mother learned that they had been friends in the fourth grade.

A few years later, even though Benjamin and Marie had attended different schools in the meantime, it was time for Benjamin to keep his word.

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