Her character’s demeanor and stunning appearance won over the audience from the very first episode of her famous tv show

She now participates in charity work, is active on Instagram, and frequently engages in social media convos.

You absolutely cannot say that the actress is already 47 years old based on the photos from the red media posts of her looking ‘natural.’

However, despite their best efforts, the paparazzi still managed to film the celebrity.

The actress was photographed going for a walk in Beverly Hills by numerous photographers.

She chose a white suit for this event and didn’t wear makeup.

The celebrity was criticized following the publication of unsuccessful photos in the press.

Either the lighting or a lack of sleep emphasized age-related changes so obviously. Who said she was beautiful by nature?

Is there something I missed? A reader wrote, ‘I see an ordinary middle-aged woman with wrinkles.’ It would appear that we are being duped.

Check out her Instagram. The internet user declared, ‘These are two distinct people.’ Another fan was upset .

‘The character has changed. However, her admirers ought to learn to differentiate between the actress and her character.

Even without makeup, she looks young for her age, and everyone has not so good pics.

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