Height almost a meter: View daily life of the world’s shortest lady, a Guinness World Record holder

A woman who measured 109 centimeters tall set the Russian record. The tiniest mother was Vilene.

Since two and a half years ago, Vilene has been a mother. She had her daughter on September 18, 2017.

She then made the decision to look up this accomplishment in the Book of Records, which had long fascinated her.

Then she received the tragic news that the world’s smallest mother had passed.

‘Who is the smallest mother right now? I wondered. I spent a lot of time searching on Google but came up empty.

In particular, I discovered an unofficial mother, but she was taller than I was, Vilene stated.

She measured her height and officials of the Russian Book of Records videotaped her over Skype. It took about 20 minutes to complete the process.

The rangefinder initially displayed a height of 107 centimeters, followed by 109 centimeters, and then 108 centimeters.

The greatest value was thus entered into the record books. An earlier report on a teenager who said it was hard for her to get work was published by journalists.

Evidently, they don’t take him anywhere because of his relatively small size.

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