He is now a Cambridge student because the single mother refused to leave her disabled son

Once more, this story demonstrates how unconditional a mother’s love can be.

Although the woman turned out to be very strong, one can only imagine how she felt at the time.

Her husband started trying to persuade her as soon as Zola had him. He asked his wife not to take the newborn home from the hospital.

Additionally, the doctors sided with her husband and reassured the mother that she would only be burdened by her child.

But the mother didn’t give up. Zola made a promise to herself that she would be able to provide a decent future for her son.

She obviously had to put in a lot of effort to fulfill her promise.

Additionally, the child requires ongoing instruction, which aids in memory and technology development.

However, the mother never gave up. She was able to give the baby everything he or she needed. 29 years have passed already.

The child turned into a real man! Dave, as he is known, is now a specialist who works for environmental protection and is highly sought after.

Dave entered Cambridge a few years later. We can now confidently assert that her efforts and labor are rewarded.

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