He installed a camera in the space and discovered that his rescue cat was awake and keeping an eye on him every night

The resident set the recorder to record continuously by default, placed it in the corner, and switched it on without giving it any thought.

He was astonished to learn from watching the video that the cat spends much of the night sitting nearby and gazing at the man’s face rather than sleeping.

Ananda, a Thai man, found the cat in the street. Naturally, such a pet behaves differently from other pets.

The man then made the decision to install a camera so that he could watch who was living in his house when he was away.

The cat made an effort to stay inside during the day. But as time went on, he grew accustomed to it and started to move around the space more quickly.

But his conduct suddenly shifted at night. As soon as the man slept, the cat moved up next to the couch and spent hours staring at its owner.

He downloaded a video one day and discovered the cat was sitting directly on his head.

The man noticed right once that the cat is showing his thanks by staying close to him at all times, even while he is asleep.

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