Hailey Bieber, 26, explains why she is actually afraid of having children with Justin

For a number of years, the family’s replenishment has haunted the couple’s fans.

She is rather fed up with followers’ persistent pregnancy rumors.

So the couple seldom remark on an individual point. In any case, in another meeting, the model conceded that she truly needs to have youngsters.

However, she is extremely anxious due to the possibility of an online reaction. The darling of the performer can be perceived.

The mercilessness of some Web clients is plainly shown by the new high-profile occurrence. She was then confronted and threatened by Selena Gomez’s fans.

As a result of this, I constantly cry. I’m very afraid, but I really want children.

What people say about my friends or husband is sufficient for me.

She stated openly, ‘I can’t even imagine that I will have to confront people who will say something about my child.’

The model continued, ‘We can only do our best to make him feel safe and loved.’

Toward the end of last year, when adherents indeed started to talk about her supposed pregnancy, she needed to reach them straightforwardly and make sense of that her appearance was not related with pregnancy, but rather with medical problems.

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