Grandmother was taken to a nursing facility, and her pet kitty was just taken out and not permitted to enter

The grandmother, who had owned and cared for this cat for many years, was placed in a nursing home.

Misky, her pet cat, was simply taken out the door and not permitted to enter, thereby driving him away.

Misky now wanders the streets alone, unsure of what occurred, or why there is no longer a home, a comfortable sofa, or wonderful food.

It’s tough to understand what a pet that used to have a home goes through on a daily basis, because adjusting to the conditions on the street is not easy for pets, and every day is a challenge.

He lived at the door for two weeks, unaware of the fact that they had gotten rid of something and no one needed him.

They would come for him and take him home, he thought. But then a volunteer learned about Misky, who was overcome with emotion after hearing his story.

Misky is currently in foster care after she found a temporary home for him.

The cat is quite affectionate and friendly, as well as very cute, and we continue to hope that this magnificent fluffy feline will find permanent owners.

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