Grandmother unintentionally invited a stranger to dinner after confusing her grandson’s phone number

This story, which is deserving of participation in international cinema, started in 2016. That day, Monica made a major change in her life.

Moreover, someone else!

The truth is that a woman sent an invitation message to a phone number on Thanksgiving Day, a significant holiday for Americans.

The number, she realized, belonged to her grandson. The recipient, however, was a total stranger.

Travis Hinton was that person. Mr. Hinton inquired about the source of the invitation because he could not comprehend who was writing to him.

Your grandmother,’ Monica replied, still certain she was speaking to her grandson.

The issue was discovered after a short interaction of emails.

However, the young man didn’t feel self-conscious and enquired, ‘Can I still have my share?’ After a little pause, Monica responds:

Of course! Like any granny, she provides food for everyone.

The tale of Monica and Travis’ friendship has frequently been featured in foreign media.

But lately, things took a step further when streaming platform Netflix said that it would be producing a film based on these extraordinary occurrences. The only thing left to do is wait!

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