Grandma, who was told she was ‘too old’ for a puppy, receives the most adorable gift from her grandchild

Andrea’s grandma is 76 years old, and her husband is even more senior. They’ve lived their entire lives with dogs. She struggled for a long time to find a new pet after her last one passed.

When she finally decided to open her heart to a new animal friend, the woman found it tough to do so.

Andrea’s Grandma was turned down by every shelter she applied to, with the justification that she was too old to care for a young dog. Grandma was devastated.

But the kid persevered in her hunt, and it’s a good thing she didn’t give up since her efforts paid off. She came upon a puppy! She was going through her social media when she came across a post from a man asking for a caring home for his cat.

When the baby’s owner learnt of an elderly couple’s desire for a dog, he immediately agreed.

Grandpa and the girl’s father went to get a new family member. As if she were a child, the elderly lady shrieked with glee.

The puppy, full of sympathy, pressed her small snout on Grandmother’s breast while she stroked the dog.

Others believed that the girl’s grandparents’ age would make them unsuitable puppy parents, but she says the dog could not be in a more loving home.

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