Grandma and her grandson became famous on TikTok by making creative dance videos

Judith is a Hollywood star with many life stories to tell. Nonetheless, she never lost her sense of humor.

She marks her 88th birthday today. Her daughter shared congratulations with the actress on social media in honor of this occasion.

Mia Williams, Judith’s daughter, posted a picture of her mother holding a bowl of food and a lemur on her shoulder.

The actress says that she always tries something new and appreciates how little she can do. She often pushes herself because she believes in it.

From 1971 to 2001, Judith was married to Miguel Williams, her husband. Their marriage and relationship were wonderful.

Despite his absence for nearly two decades, Judith still keeps her husband in her thoughts.

After he made his grandson dance on social media, Judith and his grandson even became celebrities on TikTok.

She shared her impressions of the platform: TikTok is not something I am familiar with; Samuel is a technically inclined individual with all ideas; I had to repeat all of his ideas because he encouraged me to do it.

The actress claimed that the videos had helped her and provided her with something she had anticipated.

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