Goth girl decided to try something new, so she showed how she looked wearing regular clothes and simple makeup

Nowadays, a lot of people try to make their appearance more lively.

One of these people is Erina, a young girl who hasn’t strayed from the Gothic aesthetic in a long time.

She readily agreed to transform the image beyond recognition because she enjoys experiments.

The young woman was in love with Gothic fashion because she believed it was simple to dress like everyone else.

Being ordinary means not having fun with life and living in a dull world. I spend around three hours every day trying to appear as something else’.

Erina never considered changing her image and becoming like other people.

The girl made the decision to experiment with her appearance in order to surprise her sister and boyfriend.

She was offered the chance to become a woman by the stylists. The image’s makeup and hairstyle were a big part of what made it.

Consequently, a typical Instagram model appeared in front of the family. The girl’s family was also taken aback by these shifts.

The sister noted that Erina was not her sister but rather a Barbie doll when her boyfriend requested that everything be returned.

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