‘Girls in their 20s dream of such a figure!’ Fans are delighted by 60 years old Demi Moore’s appearance

The actress, who is 60 years old, is well aware that getting in shape gets harder and harder as you get older.

The actress wanted to lose weight for a long time without going on any kind of diet. She only eats when she feels like eating; she eats on instinct.

Additionally, the star relies on the ‘appropriate’ carbs. She never loses track of sports. Sports became one of the primary pieces of her life.

She combines muscle building with training. I regularly practice yoga, surf, and swim.

The star once stated in an interview, ‘I also train with free weights to strengthen my legs and increase my flexibility.’

And it would appear that when used together, her methods accomplish quite a bit.

She recently shared a new photo, for instance, in which she posed in a pink bikini. The actress wears a yellow shirt.

Dozens of fans were inspired to go to the gym by one of these photos. It fits you perfectly! Emma penned.

The remaining Internet users concurred with her and noted: ‘You look simply astounding’, ’20-year-old young ladies long for such a figure’

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