Gigi Hadid responds to rumors that her daughter’s father, Zayn Malik, is dating Selena Gomez

Gigi and Zayn divorced, and not in a good way, it’s no secret. The model’s mother said that they did not get along.

She had no intention of discussing the father of her daughter Khai or preventing him from contacting him.

And yet, she didn’t want to proceed with the relationship.

As a result, the once-pleasant couple simply divorced. Presently, as per reports, he started a relationship with another big name — Selena.

Naturally, his former husband’s reaction to this news piqued the interest of journalists and fans.

According to sources close to the model, she was not at all opposed to this relationship, as reported by Us Weekly.

Gigi does not object to his new relationship. The insider stated, ‘She’s not going to rebel against his romance, whoever he chooses to date, as long as he’s happy, level-headed, and a good dad to Khai.’

The fans were once more persuaded by this news that, despite the whole thing, they were still able to fix their relationship and remain good parents to the child. What do you think about this story? Let us know.

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