Georgina Rodriguez discusses their unusual first encounter: When I looked at him, I felt ashamed

The football player, who is 38 years old, and the model, who is 29 years old, have been together for a long time.

2016 marked the beginning of their relationship. At that point, Georgina was only known to regular customers of the Gucci store, where she worked as a salesperson, while Cristiano was already well-known.

Fortunately, a colleague had to be replaced on the day of the acquaintance between the famous football player and the future model.

Ronaldo also went to the store to buy new clothes at the same time. Georgina admitted this in an interview with El Hormiguero.

‘When I saw him, he was so handsome that I was even ashamed to look at him.’

It appears that Cristiano felt the same way. because he was waiting for her near the store at the end of the day. The romance that started the love story continues.

The couple’s six-year relationship is like a candy-filled balloon. When we eat dinner together, I sometimes look at him and think, ‘

How fortunate I am that he picked me to make this awesome family.’ Georgina admits, ‘I always get a happy night’s sleep.’

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