For the first time, Matthew Perry admitted his reasons for divorcing Julia Roberts: The actor conducted a fresh interview

These two frequently appear on lists of unusual couples that you were unaware of.

Until he gave an interview to The Times, fans had no idea what caused celebrities to divorce.

He claims that he was the one who started the divorce. It turns out that she was offered a role in a Friends episode.

Roberts agreed, but only if her character was connected to his.

The actor sent the rising star a bouquet of scarlet roses along with the following note after learning of the show’s requirements from the producers.

The realization that I will now be able to give you flowers is the only thing that excites me more than the possibility of you appearing on the show.

She was filming in France at the time.

However, the young people were able to quickly acquire a common language and begin corresponding.

The actor divorced his beloved despite his feelings because he was worried about himself. It was too hard to date her.

I was certain that she would leave me. Why not? I believed I lacked beauty and good looks.

He elaborated, ‘I divorced the beautiful and brilliant girl so that she wouldn’t leave me first.’

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