For a year, this nurse decided not to eat bread. Her friends didn’t remember her afterward

Maria was born and raised in Florida. In the 1990s, her parents opened a bakery. They produce excellent bread. On Sunday lunchtime, everyone had bread and waited for an hour.

She became very round at ten years old because of this.

To inform you, at the age of 18, she weighed 165 kilograms. The thought occurred when, one day, her weight prevented her from getting out of bed.

Her father aided in her ascent. It was definitely time to act.

Besides the fact that she was really in need of a change, After compiling a list of her favorite foods, the therapist persuaded her that they all tasted like nothing.

She lost weight as a result, and she stopped wanting to eat fast food. She now weighs 65 kilograms.

She worked one day in the bakery owned by her parents. Bread was brought to her by friends from her college.

They were all astonished to see her in such a beautiful state that they didn’t even recognize her. She was praised for her bravery and for starting anew in a very healthy body.

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