For a stray cat, a kind-hearted man gives up his marriage. You need to seee this

Mike was willing to give everything for Rina. There are numerous animal lovers worldwide.

Pet cats and dogs are owned by hundreds of millions of people, and many more people volunteer at shelters to help stray animals.

However, despite a person’s love for animals, very few people would give up their marriage for just one.

Mike Endels is one of those uncommon individuals. To rescue a cat with three legs, he put his marriage at a chance.

When Endels received a message from Rina, a stray kitten, the story began.

Then, Endels looked for where the haven was. He found out that the drive would take about eight hours.

The animal shelter was in Palm Springs, while the Endels resided in San Francisco.

He still got in his car, ready to save Rina, even though he questioned himself and wondered if he was acting out of character.

He left San Francisco at seven in the morning and made it to the shelter in the evening.

He went to Rina’s side and got the kitten, despite the long journey. I’m invigorated, I’m apprehensive.

He immediately turned around and returned home after getting Rina. He got back home at 3 a.m.

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