Following his criticism of her mother, Gigi Hadid discusses her current relationship with Zayn Malik

The model’s highly public divorce with the singer was the topic of intense discussion on the network a few years ago.

However, it would appear that Gigi will not hold a grudge against her ex. She spoke about her relationship with Zayn for the first time in a long time.

It turns out that the former lovers still talk to each other, in large part due to their shared daughter, Khai, who is now two years old.

In an interview, the model acknowledged, ‘It makes me very happy that she spends time with both of her parents.’

She stated that she makes work plans only when her ex can look after the child.

The celebrity also said that the girl and her British father are very similar.

She likes to eat curry and beans for breakfast, for instance, and she pronounces some words with a slight accent.

Keep in mind that a rumor was spread about one of the most stunning celebrity couples in October 2021.

He lied about everything. Consequently, he was charged with four offenses against Hadid, and he is now prohibited from contacting his mother-in-law.

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