Find the shortest relationships that have the record for the briefest length: these stars, who wed for a short time

These marriages are among the worst and shortest in history. Some of these marriages ended much earlier, while others lasted only a few months.

Why are some famous people so good at organizing weddings that don’t work out? Do they really believe in love, or is marriage just a hobby for them?

Jason AIexander and Britney : 56 hours. Due to the partner’s infidelity, which is typically the man, some couples end their marriages.

Celebrities are frequently viewed as unfaithful because many of them have admitted to having affairs and having multiple partners.

Their careers may suffer as a result of the resulting drama and public speculation. as well as at their weddings.

Edmonds, Tracy, and Ed Murphy. Las Vegas is a wonderful location for marriage. There are numerous beautiful wedding venues and packages to choose from.

Additionally, the city’s lively atmosphere will make your wedding day one to remember. Chris Humpries and Kim K. : 72 days.

Due to the impulsiveness of the party and the city’s lights, many Stars have tied the knot. without giving too much thought to what might happen in the future.

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