Find out how to spot false friends in your child’s life. Read to know more

Your children’s pals are not truly friends if they constantly criticize them when they achieve.

Real friends support one another and appreciate one another’s accomplishments.

Even though envy is a common feeling, how it is handled might bring up criticism.

If your child’s friends are difficult with envy and are unpleasant when your child achieves success, encourage your children to locate friends who are prepared to celebrate with them.

If your children’s friends are continuously criticizing them, it’s time to look more thoroughly at the connections.

Real friends are supportive and encouraging, while fake friends frequently criticize or degrade others.

Girls are culpable of passing judgment, particularly when it comes to their weight.

Usually, a phony buddy will only get in touch with your child when they have a particular need or need.

They seldom ever call or text for a number of reasons. Make sure your kid understands that if a friend never texts or calls to check in, they aren’t really a friend.

Because they don’t like who they are, fake friends frequently tell lies about their accomplishments, academics, attire, and things to make themselves seem better.

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