Ferg, a gorgeous brown and white cat, is a rescued cat that helps other kittens get healthier at the vet

When other cats attend the clinic, the gorgeous rescue cat now goes the additional mile to help them thrive.

Dr. Raquel went on to say, ‘Ferg, as we nickname him, miraculously retained sensations in his tail and rear legs after I did some prep work.’

Although I couldn’t use or move them, I could feel when I hit them, implying that he might be able to walk and use the bathroom independently again.

Despite the fact that his treatment would be lengthy and tough, the veterinarian has placed all of his expectations in the little cat.

According to him, Ferg required a real Scottish name because he is a Scottish Fold.

I named him Ferg, which means ‘Man of Strength’ in Scotland, where I went to veterinary school.

Any success was good news for the clinic staff. Ferg was able to get better a few weeks later.

‘I’d like to think our care played a role, but it didn’t,’ Raquel said. Ferg was motivated after making a new kitty companion.

This cat does something we all need to do with our friends.

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