Father spends many hours creating a tattoo to match his son’s unique birthmark

Felix, a native of Canada, worked many hours at the tattoo shop to encourage and improve the self-confidence of his son Felix Jr.

In order to feel less self-conscious about his appearance, Felix Sr. had his son’s birthmark tattooed.

The father took this choice after observing that his son was refusing to remove his t-shirt in the pool.

He continued to be happy with his mark, but I soon found him beginning to conceal it.

I saw he seemed to be growing more reserved. Then, Felix Sr. stated, I wanted to have the identical birthmark so he would know he wasn’t alone.

When the entire family returned to the pool, Felix Sr. was able to proudly display his tattoo to his son.

The father revealed that he now had the identical mark on his body by taking off his T-shirt. The youngster was overjoyed despite not believing what he was seeing.

He was unaware that his father would take such a step.

In order to determine how much his birthmark resembled his father’s tattoo, the child also made the decision to remove his T-shirt.

Felix Jr. now feels a lot more self-assured of his birthmark.

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