Fans were pleasantly surprised by Selena Gomez’s uncompressed beauty in a new YouTube video

The 30-year-old star does not go overboard with bright makeup and filters, and she works out and eats well.

She generally doesn’t mind showing her face how it is.

She has appeared on the red carpet numerous times following natural changes, such as when she gained a lot of weight.

The singer and actress now occasionally posts ‘natural’ videos and photos on her profile, indicating that she has finally chosen to love herself.

She recently shared yet another video in which she demonstrates how she applies her own brand of makeup, Rare Beauty.

She criticized the previous trend and directed viewers to the full makeup tutorial on the YouTube channel, where they could watch it.

Sel didn’t have any makeup on in the video. Additionally, fans rated naturalness higher than makeup application results.

Does it appear that the difference is merely lipstick? Another added, ‘I double-checked the video to make sure she was naturally beautiful.’

Regarding eyebrows. They were to blame for the ‘conflict’ that resulted in the loss of the title of Instagram’s most popular woman to the singer.

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