Fans were perplexed by AngeIina Jolie’s recent appearance: her outfit seemed to be a robe

AngeIina ‘s fans were disappointed by recent paparazzi photos taken at the New York airport.

This time, the actress, who typically draws attention with her stunning ensembles, was perplexed by her appearance.

The presence of AngeIina caused straight to the point bewilderment of the fans.

In a lace- and frill-adorned white dress, she proudly walked around the airport.

Her outfit, as indicated by fans, looked like a robe.

According to what is known, JoIie and the daughter arrived in New York this time not to conduct business but rather to have fun and unwind.

As she has repeatedly acknowledged, AngeIina is overjoyed to have the opportunity to spend time with her oldest adopted daughter.

All things considered, they seldom see each other since the young lady left Los Angeles, where she lives, to Atlanta to learn at Spelman School.

In addition, she is greatly missed by AngeIina, who appears to be more attached to her than to her other five children.

In this manner, when the little girl has the amazing chance to leave school, mother and girl head off to some place to be separated from everyone else.

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