Fans were overjoyed to see new pictures of Nicole Kidman 55, without makeup. With age, this Hollywood star looks better

They claim that Photoshop works wonders, and disagreements have frequently been discussed online regarding her relief muscles.

The actress, on the other hand, does not require a photo editor: She has always been interested in sports.

The actress enjoys training outdoors, so the paparazzi could have seen this more than once.

She was recently filmed by photographers in one of Sydney’s parks during training. She left the house without makeup, even though she might meet fans.

The actress also appears much younger than her peers, we must admit.

What type of sport aids in youth preservation?’ — An additional commentator is intrigued.

She is the same person whether she wears makeup or not. What is her cover-up? Another asserts: At the same time, the celebrity doesn’t hide anything about how young she is forever.

You will become bored if you think you will wake up every morning and run five miles until the end of your life.

As a result, I combine yoga and fitness with the run. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, she stated, ‘I try to walk with my husband and children more often.’

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