Everyone was speechless when twin sisters were born together holding hands: look at them two years later

Because Jia and Giselle were born holding hands, these babies, who were born several years ago, became famous all over the world.

The girls are now the closest and most beloved because they have grown up.

When the girls were born, everyone in the hall was speechless because they were holding hands. The difference between the girls is only a few seconds.

The twins’ mother recalls the following: My husband was moved when he saw this, and it won my heart.

It touched even the hospital staff. They are still close, and almost nothing has changed over the years.

The girls share a connection in some way. They hold hands frequently and are always together. They start to go if you try to part them or do something with each of them separately.

The girls’ mom asserts, ‘They simply cannot be without each other.’

The parents frequently confuse the children because they are so similar, but Dave is not: He always tells his parents when they are wrong who Jia is and who Giselle is.

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