Every day, a stray dog rides alone in a subway car

Meet Boki, a stray dog who delights a large number of passengers. A large brown dog was spotted on various modes of public transportation. He was given the nickname Boki.

According to a subway employee, the cute dog is perfectly centered in the subway, so it appears that the dog comes here with a specific purpose, as if to work.

The dog was examined by a veterinarian as well as was also fitted with a microchip that is linked to a special application that allows you to track his location and well-being. Boki appears in public transportation so frequently that he has become a local celebrity.

The dog enjoys taking selfies and receiving treats from passengers.

His character is sociable and friendly. Furthermore, Boki is known as a courteous passenger who should serve as an example to many others.

He knows all of the movement’s rules, is compliant, waits for everyone to leave, and then calmly seeks out a free seat for himself.

While most people are eager to exit the subway or bus, this is Boki’s favorite stop. What an amazing dog.

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