Even when protecting a sleeping soldier at the airport, a military dog does not rest

Dogs perform an important role in the United States Army, continually trying to protect others. They possess several skills and powers that humans lack, such as the ability to detect things with smell.

They are also examples of outstanding friendships with their service buddies that can survive long after the service is completed.

And this photo, which depicts a soldier nodding off at the airport while being guarded by a loyal dog, is so cute and emotional that it quickly became viral.

It spread across all social media platforms.

Someone snapped a photo of a watchful German Shepherd guarding their sleeping buddy at the Indianapolis airport.

They slept at the airport with a group of ten troops and two canines, according to airport officials.

It’s unclear if they’re preparing for a work trip or coming home, but they appear fatigued and in need of rest.

And this soldier could sleep soundly, knowing that his loving protector was watching out for him, perhaps even using him as a warm blanket.

No matter what happens, dogs will always be our best friends who will do everything to make us feel safe.

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