Even her mother could not recognize the girl after she lost 95 kilograms in 18 months, and she is now happy

After losing an amazing 15 pounds in just 18 months, recruitment consultant Lisa, who weighed 26 pounds, finally found love and got engaged.

A woman who went from a size 30 to a size 8 claims to have found true love, and her mother no longer recognizes her.

When she weighed 26 pounds and 9 pounds at her heaviest, Lisa, 38, found it difficult to walk or stand.

Growing up in a mixed Turkish and Armenian family, where many customs and holidays were distinguished by food, she had dealt with her weight since she was a little girl.

In May 2017, Lisa decided to lose weight after realizing she just couldn’t continue as she was and that she needed to alter her weight reduction practices for health reasons.

She made a conscious effort to lose weight after the operation by restricting her food to 700 calories a day for a full year.

After a year, she continued to consume only 1200 calories each day to shed the remaining weight, losing an astonishing stone per month.

Lisa lost an incredible 15 pounds in just 18 months. She is now a much healthy 11 pounds, wearing a thin UK size 8.

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