During the Super BowI, Riri revealed her second pregnancy: This performance will be remembered for all time

The many millions of Riri fans eagerly anticipated this day. The singer has, in fact, not released any new albums since launching her beauty line.

Additionally, we have not seen her perform live in a very long time. However, she decided to return to the stage for the halftime show.

Naturally, she had been preparing for this occasion for a number of months. However, she did not embark on a tour like Beyoncé did after the Show.

Internet users were under the impression that she would do the same. It appears that waiting makes no sense for either new music or performances.

The fact of the matter is that the singer is expecting her second baby.

When she walked onto the Halftime Show stage, this became clear. Keep in mind that her son was born nine months ago.

On the other hand, if she is indeed pregnant, it becomes clear why the star has talked so much about motherhood in recent interviews and at the press conference prior to the show.

As a result, people on the Internet are awaiting information from her. They also congratulate her on becoming a mother for the second time at the same time.

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