During the flight, the cute dog becomes bored and decides to entertain the passengers

After taking off, this dog named Huxley, began to express his demand for more attention from his owner, Daphne.

The puppy, on the other hand, quickly became tired of talking with the owner. Especially because there were so many new and intriguing things to see.

The strange creature moved away from his owner and toward the man in the seat in front of him.

Such arrogance did not faze the traveler in the least.

After a few minutes, the gregarious dog had won the man’s sympathy and considered him his best buddy.

At the same time, the dog refused the owner’s repeated attempts to return to his home.

His owner decided to eat some chips to win the dog’s attention. The dog, however, was barely able to fit its face into the hole due to the limited spacing between the chairs.

He tried all he could to get to the chips, but nothing worked out.

The dog’s owner decided to post the photos on Facebook after seeing how the passengers on the plane reacted.

In just a few days, the dog had amassed hundreds of likes and appreciative comments on social media.

When the dog grew weary of begging for chips, his owner claimed that he continued to entertain her and the other passengers with his amusing grimaces.

According to passengers on this flight, traveling with an adorable puppy was the quickest and most enjoyable.

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