During a surprise for Secret Santa, a young single father of seven was emotional

Dian and Rimma Nelson had a wonderful family that lived by the same morals and principles.

They loved spending time with their seven children and were proud parents.

Rimma loved volleyball, and her husband had a part-time job at the church nearby. They developed a life of selflessness together.

But in a second, everything they had and knew changed.

The Nelson family’s life would be forever altered on July 11, 2018, in ways no one could have anticipated.

In their garage, the mother passed, her sister describing her as a loving and caring mother. We were just having a good time in the garage by lounging around.

He had to work three jobs to support his children, and Dian was worried about the future.

Dian opened a white gift box with her children during the 2018 xmas season. They were unaware of the contents.

For the 2018 Christmas season, Dian and her children received a white gift box without realizing what was inside.

Food worth $1,000 and gift cards worth $1,000 were in the box. He tried to find the right words and said, ‘Who do I have to thank?

Additionally, the children expressed their appreciation to Santa Claus.

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