During a photo session, the groom vanishes, and when the bride turns around, she discovers him in the river holding a child

During a wedding picture session in Canada, a groom dove into a river to rescue a boy in the river.

On June 12 in Quebec, Charles and Alina Thompson were united in marriage.

They were photographed beside the park’s river after the formal ceremony.

There were three kids playing nearby. ‘Since they were walking by the sea, I decided to follow them.

I discovered there were only two people remaining on the shore when the photographer took separate photos of Alina,’ Charles stated in an interview.

When the groom observed a child in the water, he instantly rushed to his aid.

The youngster was okay because of Thompson’s prompt action. He was taken home by the older sibling.

A photographer recorded the boy’s rescue. Later, he uploaded the images on his Facebook page.

The behavior of Alina Thompson’s fiancé did not catch her off surprise.

He would naturally act in a way, she added. We need more people like this man, since they will do everything to make sure people are okay.

He is a real modern hero. What do you think?

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