Due to their heroic deed in helping numerous animals in need, the cat and dog have gained local fame

When a woman who loved animals found she needed donors, she explained that her cat and dog had turned into regular donors and were now able to assist other animals in need.

To help other animals, Mery and her partner chose to give their two cats to a shelter.

She has already donated ten times with her 10 y.o cat Willow and five times with her 6- years old dog.

The ‘s assistant has put veteran donor Willow up for a special hero award because she is so proud of him.

The cat is so skilled, it even takes care of its canine brother. He becomes so accustomed to giving that he begins to purr.

With regards to appreciating the importance of donating, Willow unquestionably set an example for others.

He also asserts that the UK is an animal-loving country that will do everything in its power to support and advance animal care.

Mery said, ‘I felt he would assist in raising funds for animal donors, so I entered him in the award category, and he made the final. ‘

What a cute pair.

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