Due to a unique wheelchair, a little horse born with a condition may now walk and run

Thanks to a unique, specially designed wheelchair, a miniature horse without hind legs may now walk around. Tulip resides in the shelter.

These animals get the appropriate medical care and psychological support.

little horse Tulip was born with a condition. As a result, he was only able to move leaned over and all of his weight was distributed between his front legs.

The shelter made every effort, though, to make his life easy.

Tulip is described by the founder of the shelter as a baby with a lovely and powerful temperament. His eyes reveal an insatiable need to stay.

The moment the staff became aware of this, they knew they had to do something to assist him.

A business that creates equipment for animals with limitations came across Tulip’s Instagram post.

They sent their staff to the shelter, where Tulip was put in his personalized wheelchair.

Tulip started to happily run before she had time to fully secure the wheelchair.

When they noticed how happy Tulip was, the employees got emotional.

Tulip needs a lot of physical treatment. We wish the youngster a quick recovery!

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