Drew Barrymore explained why she never buys her children presents for Christmas

Despite his early popularity, her youth cannot be described as content.

The future superstar has not had to deal with difficult relationships with divorced parents or even running away from home.

She is, however, an accomplished actress and a mother of two daughters.

It turned out that the actress doesn’t give her daughters gifts for the big holiday.

Parents are contemplating what to present their heirs under the Christmas tree before the holiday.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actress admitted, ‘I don’t give kids gifts at Christmas.’

Instead, whenever I go on vacation, I always bring them along.

I inform them: This is what I want to convey: we will remember this location, we will have pictures, and we will have many impressions.

I buy them different things throughout the year so that I don’t come across as a mother who tells the kids, no presents for you!

Simply put, I believe that our shared memories would be the ideal present. I’d rather use them for it.

Additionally, the girls will receive a dollhouse in May, she added.

In 2011, they began dating, and in 2012, they got married. The union only lasted four years.

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