Drake gave the impression that he has given up making music: The interview that the rapper gave was quite interesting

One of the most well-known rappers in the world is 36-year-old Drake. Additionally, he holds an impressive number of records and awards.

Almost every new song he releases stays in the Billboard charts for a long time, but he gave an interview recently that blew fans away.

It is not a secret that he enjoys competing with other artists and pays close attention to how his new songs are received by fans.

However, it appears that he is less interested in competition these days. The rapper is not yet completely ready to retire.

However, he is interested in following the ‘new generation’ of artists.

Because he no longer wants to ‘compete,’ he emphasized that he would like to ‘gracefully retire’ from the music industry.

The musician went on to say, ‘I just want to look at what the next generation is doing.’

Nevertheless, it is unlikely that he will completely vanish from public life. He currently has a number of non-musical projects.

Keep in mind that the boy, whom the musician initially kept secret from journalists and fans, now lives with him and goes to his mother on occasion.

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