Doggy spends the entire day waiting for the most significant individual in her life, who isn’t even the owner

Fifi spends her entire day in eager anticipation. She is watching for a small white car to come around the block because they recently met the driver and the chihuahua instantly fell in love.

The little puppy goes to the door and takes a position at the glass every morning after breakfast.

In their alley, she waits for a white truck to turn the corner and arrive.

Fifi becomes excited as soon as she sees that particular car. Although the dog would be happy, she does not expect letters from anyone.

The puppy simply adores the postman, who is the center of attention.

On the second day, Fifi met him, and it was love at first sight. The owner took Fifi with her when she went outside to get the mail on that fateful day.

She had a brief conversation with Dan, the postman, who had seen the puppy.

The dog waits for the truck to arrive every day on the couch by the door, and when he hears the sound of the engine, he alerts the owner that the vehicle has arrived.

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