Doggy love: Tiny dog Knnut folds his paws over his buddy Pali as the canines nestle up for a charming picture

On a fall stroll through Germany, a puppy named Knnut is seen shrouded in a white cover among the earthy colored leaves.

While his human mother Anntonia takes a cute picture of him and Pali the canine, he wraps his little paws around her.

The white canine is seen in photos supporting a delicate cotton cover between his teeth before giving up and cuddling up to his canine companion.

Knnut and the shorthaired dachshund snuggle up to one another as they prepare for their upcoming encounter.

Knnut’s 56,300 Instagram followers were treated to a short video with the caption ‘Baby, it’s cold outside.’ In this video, Knnut, a Pomeranian mix, is seen walking around the forest in the midst of an October cover of earthy colored leaves.

When Anntonia adopted Knnut at four months old, DNA testing revealed he was a Pomeranian mix. When he was only a few days old, the puppy was rescued from a shelter where he shared a home with more than 40 other dogs.

Pali was born in 2018 and was taken in by Anntonia’s mother after being rescued.

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