Dog found his way home with a touching message around his collar designating him the day’s hero

The 12-year-old dog’s owners began to worry about him when he went gone for a number of hours because they had no idea where Louis might be.

The family was surprised, however, when he returned wearing a sweet note around him.

Louis’s parents began to worry when he didn’t show up for several hours.

After a few hours, the dog joyfully arrived home with an odd note. The family thought of every possible thing.

But after reading the handwritten note, they became more composed. Sam left the message, praising Louis as his hero for guiding him to his dog Melly, who was also missing.

The family’s neighbor Sam was a farmer who owned a dog by the name of Melly.

They soon learned what had happened to them. Melly was also missing on that day.

Sam, her owner, began searching wherever she might be for her. But the search turned up nothing.

He ran into Louis on the way home, who suggested Sam follow him.

Sam followed Louis, believing his instincts, and to his surprise discovered his lost dog in bushes. This heroic dog was crucial in rescuing Melly.

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