Diby, a tiny rescued Chihuahua, meets his greatest buddy in Neiro, a large dog

You are entirely convinced of the reality of this assertion after seeing a peculiar couple of Mastif and Chihuahua.

Diby and Neiro met in a rescue center, On January 27, 2016, a Chihuahua was discovered on the street beside garbage cans.

Diby was just a month old at the time, and he weighed less than half a kilogram.

He was discovered by passers-by and transferred to the rescue center.

Diby encountered the massive Neiro, who weighs 56 kg and consumes more than a chihuahua on a daily basis, at the shelter of the center.

Neiro was once placed under the care of the shelter’s director, and he exhibited a genuine interest in all newcomers.

Despite their differences in weight and height, these two became inseparable from each other pretty soon, and they even play together.

Despite their connection, the dogs may have to part ways soon because Diby has been adopted and is looking for a new home.

In any case, despite a bleak start in life, he has a very bright future ahead of him. Thanks to Neiro and kindhearted people, Diby lives a comfortable life now.

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