Despite spending 35 years together, the woman was unaware that her husband had a false identity

Margo Smith has been married to Alex for 35 years after meeting him many years ago. Everything was going smoothly until Mr. Smith did not show up for work one day.

The quest was unproductive. After the incident occurred a year ago, Margo made the decision to change her name back on the paperwork.

She went to the city archives to file some paperwork but was surprised to find that Alex Smith wasn’t listed anywhere.

It’s as though they never existed before. Margo’s perspective started to become more evident with time.

He met Margo using a different name, and they were together for 35 years.

National television aired the disappearance’s story. A man called the editorial office the following day and claimed to have identified his neighbor.

At the given address, the individual who was supposed to be Mr. Smith was discovered.

Albine Arsenel is the man’s real name. Albine married Margo while using the new name, and everything was going smoothly.

The time had come to update his driver’s license, though. The truth would have then been made known. The man then made the decision to vanish again.

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