Despite many opinions about his appearance, this friendly cat enjoys posing for the camera

The feline, which is roughly 3-years-old, is a short-haired breed with a distinctive appearance and personality.

He has a lot of charming traits that satisfy the variety’s status, but his lovably senseless grin sets him apart from the others.

‘I realized that he was by all accounts more expressive than my different felines when he was around a year old,’ his mother says.

‘He often made silly faces when I played with him, so after a while I decided to start photographing his humorous grin.’

He’s a big fan of wearing sunglasses. It’s difficult not to smile back when you see his happy face on your newsfeed. However, the cat’s grin does not always have a positive response.

‘By far the majority of responses to him are overwhelmingly positive, while some people believe he is ugly,’ admits his mother. The curious kitty, on the other hand, does not appear to be fazed by these remarks.

He is proud of his unusual appearance and spends his days spreading happiness with his unusual grin.

What a beautiful and unique kitty Pixie is, right?

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