Despite everything, this 91-year-old grandmother does things that teenagers will appreciate

It is widely assumed that people over the age of 70 are already old, and those over the age of 80 are no longer ‘real estate.’

However, with proper nutrition and self-care, you can perform flawlessly on the uneven bars at 86 and 91.

Which is exactly what this lovely gymnast did.

Jonna became the oldest female gymnast in the world.

She not only does a free program on a gymnastics mat at her age, but she also elegantly elaborates complex elements on the uneven bars, including a dismount from a sports machine performed on her feet.

The athlete was born in 1925.

Jonna played handball as a child. She spent the majority of her life working in sports, both as a physical education teacher and as a coach.

Jonna only began gymnastics at the age of 30 to keep her body in shape.

Jonna is not a professional gymnast, she only began to master this sport at the age of 30 and performs exclusively for herself.

She has, however, already won 11 senior medals and continues to astound the audience with her incredible performances. A fantastic example for everyone!

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