David Beckham reveales that his wife Victoria has been eating only fish and vegetables for 25 years

The couple have been together for many years. During this time, the former soloist of the Spice Girls managed to change dramatically and lost a lot of weight.

However, for this, the star had to almost completely abandon all her eating habits.

The severity of the diet that the designer follows has long been legendary.

At the same time, Internet users do not even realize how much he dislikes his wife’s diet.

The fact is that, having retired from big-time sports, he focused on the culinary arts and regularly pampers his household with delicious dishes.

In addition, a close friend and one of the most famous chefs has a special influence on his cuisine.

In a new podcast, he shared: ‘I am very emotional about food and wine. When I try something new, I want everyone to follow my lead.

However, I, unfortunately, am married to my wife , who has been eating the same thing for the past 25 years.

Since I met her, she eats only fried fish, stewed vegetables and almost never deviates from this.’

However, there was still a case when she abandoned her eating habits. It happened at a time when she was pregnant.

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